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This comparison and study is a particular section of the Astrological Art called “ Synastry”, from the ancient greek: syn – astron = “stars united.

He has been intensively practicing and teaching Astrology. He has a clientele spread out in more than one hundred and thirty five countries. Du kanske gillar. Super Attractor Gabrielle Bernstein Inbunden.

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Meditations Marcus Aurelius Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. A seed has to have earth, water, air, or fire to change and this is where man and woman play the first stage in the order of evolution. Appendices and Glossary of the two parts viz. Certain chapters have been rearranged, combined and expanded so that the book becomes complete in itself.

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My explanation is: So far as I am aware there is no book dealing exclusively with this subject and in the manner I have done. Mention may be made in this connection of Astrology and Marriage by Sepharial—a book containing fifty-nine pages, which enunciates some basic principles of Astrology in relation to married happiness.

But to my mind that book, though very interesting, touches only the outline of the subject and a desire is created in the mind of the reader, to know more, and delve deeper into the study of this fascinating subject. This is no doubt a tribute to the eminent author, because, as I have stated, it has been successful in creating an interest in the subject. Then, there is another book Successful Marriage by Pharos. This is, comparatively speaking, a voluminous book closely printed and covering about pages. But this deals only with the influence of 'Sun', according as the Sun is in one Zodiacal sign or the other, at the time of birth.

Even the subject of matching the horoscopes— astrological judgment depending upon planetary configurations—how far a particular male would have successful marriage with a particular female—has been limited to the influence of the 'sign' in which the 'Sun' is. So that, this book—though no doubt of immense interest to the layman—is of little use to the astrologer who, while acknowledging the superior influence of the mighty Sun, considers its influence on the married life and happiness as just one of the many factors and not the factor.

These eminent authors have dealt with all aspects of life—health, wealth, brethren, home, parents, children, married happiness, business, position and activity, friends, journeys to foreign land, incarceration, imprisonment and a list of other subjects which touch some department or other of human life. Had I attempted such a thing, the present volume would have become too bulky and would have entirely defeated the very purpose which has been kept in view. The purpose is twofold: a To keep exclusively within the limits of the subjectmatter which comes under 'Love and Marriage' and thus confine the study to human emotions and affairs dealing with this department of life alone.

Thus, if a planet, say in the seventh House, denotes influence on marriage, business partnerships, etc.

Many readers would no doubt consider that procreation of children is a corollary of marriage and as such some interested readers had appreciated this book better, if that matter also had been allotted its rightful place in this book. But with that line of argument, many more subjects would have claimed simultaneous attention and my effort to confine the study to one subject alone would have been defeated. That would have made the volume bulky and at the same time taken away that simplicity of arrangement— which is the special feature of this book.

Look to the contents of Part I. You have the influence of the Preface to the First Edition xi 1 Sun in twelve signs; 2 Sun in twelve houses; 3 Moon in twelve signs; 4 Moon in twelve houses; 5 Mars in twelve signs; 6 Mars in twelve houses and so on. Now, if an astrologer or even a layman who knows something about signs and houses and aspects wants to ascertain the specific influence, he can commence looking up with Sun's influence in a particular sign and then Sun's influence in a particular house.

Phaldeepika Bhavartha Bodhini By Pandit Ashutosh Ojha Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha. Link

There are twelve signs and twelve houses. One need confine his attention to Sun's influence in the particular sign in the horoscope under enquiry. Then one may safely skip the pages dealing with Sun's influence in other signs. Similarly, one may look up the required effect of the Sun's house position in the particular house the Sun is situated and leave the other pages.

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One may next proceed with the Moon in a similar manner and then with Mars and Mercury and so on. This arrangement has been made to facilitate summing up influences. It is true that in a horoscope the influences are not isolated, but synthetic i. But how to know the cumulative effect, unless one knows the individual effect? The art of synthesis is the most delicate art—of blending similar and dissimilar influences and arriving at the resultant influence.

It requires prudence and knowledge and experience but above all, one must know what one is synthesising.


Unless one knows the component forces how can one know the resultant force? It happens many a time that when a particular horoscope is being examined some points are missed. In the present volume all component or individual effects have been carefully classified, grouped and arranged, so that one has not to hunt in all directions— to find the effect of any particular influence, either due to sign or house or aspect or any other factor. Thus, this book affords the same facility as a classified catalogue, so that one knows where one would find what one is looking for and can directly put his finger in the right place.

Another consideration, which has prompted me to bring out this book is to make available to the readers the principles and practice of Western as well as Hindu Astrology in one single volume. There are many books in English dealing with Principles of Western Astrology. There are yet others which deal with the subject matter only from Hindu point of view, i.

It has been my good fortune to study and admire the salient features of both the systems. On one hand, I attach importance to the tropical Zodiac, which regulates Sunrise and Sunset, durations of day and night, climate, seasons, crops and so many geographical and other influences having a bearing on the flora and the fauna and it would be but natural to presume that it exerts influence in similar manner in regard to human beings also, and the 'Kalapurush' must have a constant analogy to the moveable Zodiac, on the other, believing as I do in stellar influence, I have deep and abiding faith in the influence of the ambient—containing billions and billions of stars.

The Sanskrit texts are all one in regard to the influence of the fixed stars and 'nakshatra Vidya' or the 'knowledge of the fixed stars', is the foundation of Hindu astrology.

Not only the Vedic texts but the greatest and the first epic of the Hindus, the Valmiki Ramayana, written many centuries before Christ refer to the natal star 'nakshatra' of Dasharath having been afflicted by Sun, Mars and Rahu northern node of the Moon. This same epic, written many centuries before Christ also mentions the phenomenon of earth's movement round the Sun. In modern times, even eminent Western astrologers like Mr. Cyril Fagan, Mr. Robson, Mr. Tucker, Mr. Bradley and others have recognised the importance of the Sidereal Zodiac. In the Hindu system not only the division of the Zodiac, but the Dasha System Directions is based upon fixed constellations.

So, to my mind, any system which does Preface to the First Edition xiii not take cognisance of the 'immoveable' or fixed Zodiac would be incomplete. So, the first difference between the two systems is of the moveable or fixed Zodiac. The second difference between the two systems is that of application by aspects.

Ashutosh Ojha (Author of Palmistry For All)

The third major difference is of Directions. Besides, there are other differences in the two systems, which are already well-known to the students of astrology.

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And to others, those who are beginners, the matter would gradually unfold itself, as they go through these pages. I have purposely not mixed one system with the other. That would have only confused the issue. Besides, it would not have been fair to of the systems to break it, in order to fit in with the other.

I hope the readers would enjoy this volume and also derive much help from it. I can divide the readership into two sections— those who believe in this ancient science of astrology and those others who do not believe in it. To the first, I need say nothing for they have no doubt experienced the great truth which the mystic influence of the occult hides from the common man.

To others I need only say that there is no mystery about astrology. It is as clear and simple as any other branch of science.