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This comparison and study is a particular section of the Astrological Art called “ Synastry”, from the ancient greek: syn – astron = “stars united.

Test Now! Your hobbies will bring you some joy, as well as the people whom you care about. January is a time for you to contemplate on your next move and concentrate more on education. February is an excellent month for intellectual pursuits. March might be a tough time for you to stay silent when you see something wrong happening.

April is a good month to improve your relations with your friends and family. May will be a passionate and emotional month for the Twins. Practising meditation will be beneficial.

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June is an energetic month when you will want to do something new. July is the right time to plan for the future. Be it a new career or relationships, this is a good month to think about it. August will be a month of professional upheaval. Difficult times might come in front of you. September is when you should communicate better with your loved ones and colleagues.

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October is a month when you will need to make important decisions that might change your future. November is when you will enjoy helping people out which will give you mental peace. December will be a busy month. Forces will pull you in different directions. Try to enjoy this year and make the most of it! Your email address will not be published. In need to visit the past? Your Gemini horoscope is authentic because of planetary transits to January 10 to June 5 — The January 10 lunar eclipse could be.

The Gemini Horoscope forecasts an exciting year for Gemini persons. Professional duties will keep you occupied through most of the year. If you are a card reader, a psychic, an intuitive or empath, you may want to learn to read a new oracle deck.

LIBRA - ASTROLOGY | Jupiter is bringing you LUCK!

I wholeheartedly suggest entering the world of the Italian oracle deck called La Vera Sibilla. Libra love horoscope predicts : Don't force yourself to move on to the future — the past can be an enjoyable place. Libra November Horoscope. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Libra today.

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Libra June Monthly Horoscope By Denise on , views There is a great need to be informed and learn new things this month and you are likely to try your best and always be in the spotlight, where the action is taking places. As per the Career Horoscope , you will be able to receive the support of people who could help you win by crossing over the winning line ahead of your competitors.

Overall, you. Though periodic hiccups would be encountered, keep going. Libra Year Career and Profession. Your career planet is the Moon and the fastest moving of all the planets. During this week, you should give more focus on listening to your managers. Jupiter will be transiting in Scorpio Sign in your 2nd house. General overview Libra, your horoscope speaks of a smooth and romantic period for you this year.


You will focus on something on every time period, take more responsibilities and become more stressful as your mind matures. Career: This is a major area of. Be very careful about your job around mid, as things may take an unexpected turn and improvements are likely only after September.

The Sun is in the sign of Scorpio and conjunct with Mercury, the communication planet in the same zodiac sign.

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From here follows two conclusions: in Libra needs to be open for acquaintances and cooperation, and sometimes give in to emotions. November - This is a fortunate month for Libra natives. Horoscope Libra November Predictions Libra November With all the financial changes going on and with your great focus on finance, valuable financial lessons are being learned. Libra professionals will have a favorable first quarter. BTW, your March horoscope is here to guide you through this mystifying sea of dreams, so whatever you do, don't repress those feels.

If you haven't returned to school or made that life-long voyage to an exotic land, what are you waiting for? In January, Mars stirs up relationships. Libra career horoscope shows a splendid year for businesses. There will be plenty of good news, and it will be a successful and abundant time for all.

November 08, : Libra Career Horoscope for today. She became horoscope. Relations with colleagues look good. Libra Moon Sign Yearly Horoscope - Libra Yearly Horoscope The transit of Venus in the 11th House lasts until March 25, That doesn't mean you can't set off on a wild adventure but, whenever you do so, you need to have firm foundations to return to.

LIBRA 2018 - 12222 ASTROLOGY Annual Forecast - Love and Money get a Boost!

For your Libra Horoscope , get used to no more roller coasters in your relationship house!. Libra horoscope in indicates that their fortune is relatively unstable this year, and the key point is to learn to adjust themselves and grasp opportunities in time. The Libra Birthday Horoscope Jupiter, as we have said, spends most of the year in your 1st house. However, you need to watch your finance and take good care of yourself. If that is true for you, it may help to know that your best chance to move will come up soon, in late December or if not then, almost certainly in January.

Big career changes are on the docket for you if you want them now. Job prospects look bright for Libra natives, starting from March till 7 th November , with good chances of career growth and a possible promotion. Check Libra Monthly Horoscope prediction for the Zodiac sign. The eclipse patterns will shake up the status quo and push you to new levels of ambition and success. This completes a three-week communications review to an end on 20th and then an almost five-month review of our ideals and how far away our present reality is from them on 27th.

The Libra November monthly horoscope forecasts that there is nothing like a lot of fun and a lot of romance to get the month off to a great start, and a lot of fun and a lot of romance is exactly what you are in for on the 1st. Libra November Career Horoscope While your birthday month ended last month, albeit just eight days before moving into November, this is likely to feel unfinished.

Read Aries Horoscope and know about the Aries love, career, business and health horoscope.

Find out today what Astrology says is the right career for you!. This page provides you yearly horoscope for Libra sign for year While the daily horoscopes will provide you with all the information you need to know ahead of your day, the monthly horoscope will give you a low-down of all the major. Dearest Libra, wake up and pull up.

You love to lead a simple life.